Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Upcoming New Music Playlist

Hi, Neighborhood Church!

Ken helped me get set up with this blog, ahem, ages ago but, well, life happens and I never pursued it as I desired. I don't know how often I'll add things, but at least I have a place to add tidbits here and there that perhaps you'll find interesting or educational....or maybe even off the wall. Who knows!

What I'd like to introduce today, though, is a playlist that we've added to the church website. There is SO much music out there, and I'd love introduce some great new songs to add to the ones we already know and love. Sometimes, though, it is hard to engage with new music when you get one shot at it in a service and then it's off to the next song. Mary Ruth once told me that she loved the new music but she just wasn't familiar with it enough to really worship and sing it. That got me to thinking about how I can help with that. Over the past year and a half or so, when we've introduced a new song, you've noticed that we sang the song multiple weeks in a row. That helps with familiarity and comfort level and just gives us a chance to really worship with the song.

To further aid with familiarity, I've put together a YouTube playlist of possible songs that we could learn as we go. Ken added that playlist to the church website, so our entire congregation has access to it whenever you'd like. No special log-ins or apps necessary! If you can navigate the church website, you can use this playlist!

To access the playlist, go to the church website (www. neighborhoodchurchnc.org). Once you're there, find the tab that says, "Groups". When you hover your cursor over the word "Groups", a list of groups will appear. Click on "Music". You'll see the playlist once the Music page opens. Ken added instructions above the playlist to help you navigate the songs.

Keep in mind while you are listening -

  • This is a list of possible new songs for us to use in the future. There is no set time frame for any particular song. This list will morph and change over time - with songs being added or deleted along the way.
  • A lot of these recordings were made in a live/concert setting, which sometimes means that they take a lot of liberties with how long the song goes on. Just because the song is 7, 8, 9, 10 minutes long on the recording, does not mean our future arrangement of it would also be that long.
  • Just like the song structure and length will be adjusted to our needs, we may not necessarily sing it in the same key as the artist of the recording.
  • Any songs we choose to use in service would be tailored to our church's make-up and needs. :)
I hope this playlist will be helpful to you. If you come across songs that would be great for congregational worship, feel free to email the title and composer/artist (or a YouTube link) to me at musicatnc@gmail.com. 


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